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 Fundamentally, effective legislative advocacy comes down to winning in the legislative, regulatory and public policy areas.  Winning is the only thing that matters.  Lovell's winning record is unmatched.

Here are just a few examples:
  • Obtained passage of major criminal justice legislation in one day.  This is the first time in modern history that such an expeditious action was taken.  Even more significantly, the Legislature was not even scheduled to meet that day.
  • During the time Lovell represented the Los Angeles District Attorney, he obtained passage of more criminal justice legislation than the combined total of all previous LA District Attorney advocates who represented the office during the twentieth century.
  • Secured enactment into law of landmark legislation that outlawed the tripping of horses at rodeo events.  Lovell passed this law, on behalf of the California Equine Council, despite the fact that the Legislature had rejected similar laws the previous two years.  Once the law was enacted in California, similar laws outlawing this cruel practice were enacted in Arizona, Texas, Illinois and Oklahoma.
  • Obtained legislation that guaranteed that welfare fraud investigators could continue to operate under the new welfare reform laws.  This legislation was obtained despite the fact that the legislative committee drafting welfare reform legislation had unanimously approved another bill that provided no such guarantee for welfare fraud investigators.
  • Organized a grassroots lobbying effort that helped secure $100,000,000.00 in state funding for local law enforcement.  This budget allocation came about even though the so-called conventional wisdom was that it was off the table for the that budget cycle.  The Legislature has since passed legislation guaranteeing continuation of this funding in all future budget years.