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It is very unusual for a lobbyist's legislative work to be noted by the news media - much less so favorably.  However, Lovell's record has prompted a number of complimentary media comments.

Here are a few examples:

  • Wilmington (Delaware) News Journal:  "The DuPont Company showed its clout by winning passage of a favorable hazardous waste resolution at the National Governor's Association in Louisville, Kentucky.  The victory was masterminded by DuPont lobbyist John Lovell, who obtained the favorable resolution over the opposition of Arizona Governor Bruce Babbitt, who chaired the Governor's Association hazardous materials committee.  Longtime observers of the NGA events reported that it was the first time they can remember the Governor's overriding the wishes of one of their own committee chairs."
  • Los Angeles Times: "The legislative success of the Los Angeles District Attorney did not come by accident, since one of the first actions taken was to install John Lovell, former chief political troubleshooter of the Gallo Winery, in Sacramento."
  • Los Angeles Daily Journal: "Although the Los Angeles District Attorney's legislative program is far superior to other prosecutors is not the District Attorney who gets the credit, the credit for that success goes to chief lobbyist John Lovell."
  • San Francisco Daily Journal: "Lovell is classy, hard working and a very dangerous opponent," said Melissa Nappan, chief lobbyist for the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice."
  • Los Angeles Daily Journal: "John Lovell is among the most respected lobbyists in Sacramento."